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Welcome to alteredfocus! I am Amanda[valiancy] and this is my Graphics Journal. Here i will be posting icons, header, banners and occasionally backgrounds and layouts.I occasionally take requests here but i also sometimes take paid ones, below you will find more information on that. So take a look around, i hope you find something you like!

1. Please credit for anything you take from here. If it's an icon then credit in the icon keywords, if it's anything else (for example a banner) then credit in your userinfo.
2. Please comment when taking anything, i want to know what people like and where its going.
3. Dont give out my graphics to your friends and tell them to credit me, instead send them to this journal to take a look around for themselves.

Since LJ merged with 6apart it's a no no to sell graphics here.{link} If you're interested email me at valiancy@livejournal.com...I will get back to you asap!

-Leave me a comment letting me know you would like to exchange links!

Examples and Brush Credits --> HERE